Sophia Lori Duppee

Born 3-31-06 at 12:12 PM

Weight 6 lbs 4 oz

Length 19"

Eyes Bright Blue
Hair Golden Red

Denise's water broke at 4:12 AM. She and Steve(Dad) packed up and checked into the hospital at 6:00 AM. After 4 drops of pitocin, Denise went from 4 cm dilated to 9 3/4 cm dilated in 45 minutes! A few good pushes after that, Sophia was born! Mom had no pain killers or episiotomy!

Present was Steve, Christine, Ellen - Mom's birth team - Chuck, Jeni, and Mr. Shoptaugh - for support. A midwife finished the birthing and Steve cut Sophia's cord.

Our gift from God was born with her eyes wide open!

Enjoy these first pictures of Sophia.

(this page may take a while to load, there's so much of Sophia to see)