Many clients have asked the same question - How do we increase our web traffic?

Answer: Site Promotion

During this holiday season, when people are flocking to the internet in large numbers, promotion is even more critical. For our web site creation we include a portion of our promotion. Keywords, supplied by the client, appropriate title and description within the "head" area of your website, and alt image tags. Upon completion we do a one time submission to major search engines.

In today's competitive world of web traffic these things alone won't guarantee hits.

Some of the ideas that we are putting more focus on:

Promotional packages that include aggressive site submission, banner creation and advertising, web page analysis using sophisticated analytical software, newsletters, and submission to topical newsgroups.

We have put together a few packages that we will begin offering immediately. These packages can be used on a one time basis or on a continuing monthly basis.

Basic Package - 1 hour of web maintenance per month. This involves changes to any keywords or meta tags, and submission to the following major search engines: Infoseek, Webcrawler, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, Hot Bot, Infoseek Ultra, Yahoo, Netfind, Magellan, What You Seek, Infospace, New Riders Yellow Pages.

Banner Package - 5 hours of work. Meta tag optimization if necessary, submission to above search engines plus joining a banner program. The banner program involves the creation of a 468 x 60 pixel animated banner that will be under the file size limit for submittal. Create a banner advertisement and have the chance to advertise on 450,000 different Web sites.

To join the banner program you must display a banner for the same program on one of your pages. You can specify which page, even create a special banner page. It is reciprocal, if you agree to place a banner at the top of your page, then your banner will be seen at the top of other sites pages.

There is another option which costs $20 per month. You then do not need to display a banner and your banner will be rotated, along with other useful benefits, such as inclusion in the MSN Yellow pages.

Gold Package - 10 hours of work. All things included in the Basic and Banner package plus the creation of 5 doorway pages optimized for a specific search engine. Doorway pages are web pages created with a specific search engine's index in mind. Every search engine has a formula it uses to rank a page based on content, use of keywords, and other factors. We will optimize each doorway page for each search engine. It takes approximately 1 hour per search engine to fully optimize a doorway page for a specific search engine. These doorway pages are lead ins for your regular site. They aren't as "pretty" but are utilitarian, they will draw in visitors.

The package includes 5 search engine doorway pages, created, uploaded and submitted to the search engine of interest.

Gold Plus Newsgroups Package - 15 hours of work. All things included in above package plus the submission to 5 major newsgroups carefully researched for content and submitted to you for your approval.

Email Lists and Newsletters Package- 2 - 7 hours of work. Creation of a form to collect email addresses and creation of an email list, most likely with the intent of supplying interested persons with a monthly newsletter. NOTN will be responsible for creating, and maintaining, your mailing list, then outputting your newslsetter. You will be responsible for content of the newsletter.

Time estimates will vary depending on the size of the mailing list. Approximately 2 - 7 hours work per month for a monthly newsletter.

A' La Carte items:

Any number of hours you specify researching new categories and spots to list your website.

Any number of banners, animated or static, in any size or shape that you specify. Approximate creation time is 1 hour or less, per banner.

Any number of doorway pages you specify. Remember it's approximately 1 hour per page for each search engine optimized.

Newsgroup submittals on an hourly basis.

All packages quoted above are done at our low standard rate of $35 per hour. As mentioned they can be done on a one time basis or on a continual basis, most likely monthly. Advertising has become a necessary part of web life today, return on investment is the goal.

The following is quoted from The whatUseek Weekly Ezine, one of the most noted promotional newsletters put out today:

"If you spend $50 on advertising and it generates more than $50 in net profits, that's a good investment."

Let us know which of our packages you are interested in and we can begin work today.

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