Our Philosophy

NOTN is a full service web development company. We work closely with our clients from the earliest stages of design planning, through site layout and development, and finally site promotion. Whether your goal is advertising, public information, or selling online, NOTN can develop a plan suited to you.

Design Planning

We provide free initial consultation to discuss your business needs. Our trained staff can come to your place of business or home to gather information about your goals. From there we will send you a signed quote that will outline what NOTN will provide for you, and the price. We donít believe in unwelcome surprises or hidden costs, everything is upfront with NOTN.

Site Development

We work hard for your company, harder than many of our competitors. Itís true that quality cannot be rushed but simple math tells the story. If a web developer is working 8 hour days for 5 days a week, your site may take 4 weeks. With NOTNís staff working 12 hour days (or more if needed) that same site will be completed in under 2 weeks. Thatís our promise to you, quality websites completed within the time specified in our signed contract.

With NOTN we are willing to work in overdrive. We understand the goals of our clients, they need an internet presence and they need it now. We provide our clients with a direct line to our web design team 24 hours a day.

Site Hosting

NOTN offers site hosting at very competitive rates. NOTN uses Dell PowerEdge, SUN and custom servers. These high-performance systems can handle millions of hits per day. Our servers connect to the Internet via multiple high-speed, DS-3 lines to separate and redundant Internet backbones. (Savvis and Good.net) OC-12's coming this Summer! At NOTN, the message "server not responding" doesnít exist. These connections are managed by top-of-the-line Cisco routers using the BGP4 protocol to automatically route traffic down the shortest path.

We offer various specials throughout the year. Our hosting rates start at $20 per month. Email us with your specific needs and we will guarantee a set rate.

Site Promotion

Just having a web presence is not enough to ensure a productive website. You need to market your website and NOTN knows how. We will provide site submission to all the leading search engines on your behalf, free upon completion of your website. Our system allows you to place your web address with major search engines using keywords that we will create with you. You can pick the categories and keywords you would like people to use to find you. Web surfers searching with those words will be directed to your site. Our websites get noticed and get traffic.

There are other marketing techniques beyond site submission that we can implement as well. We know how to meet the needs of our client.

E-Commerce and Online Stores

We are the E-commerce experts. We boast some of the lowest rates around for online selling of your products. We have different plans that meet different customer needs. We can comply with the demands of our smallest customers as well as the retailing giant. For as low as $10 a month you can have your product for sale online. At the upper end of the spectrum we can provide shopping cart databases, secure servers, and direct credit card payments for unlimited amounts of inventory. We have a plan to suit your needs. Please see our E-commerce section for a complete list of prices and options.

This is what our customer's say:

"We sold our first product before our store was even listed with the search engines" - Rita S. at Personalized Treasures

"It looks so good.  We can't believe how fast you finished." - Kim P. at Turpin and Rattan

"This website can help our company grow." - Rock C. at Rock Electric

"The website is so cute.  It really gets our message across." - M'Lu C. at Saint Marks School

NOTN is the right company for the job.

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