Kelly Ann

Born 7-13-06 at 2:54 PM

Weight 5 lbs 9 oz

Kim was at work on Tuesday feeling some contractions. Her due date was still 5 weeks away so she wasn't too concerned that true labor had begun, her co-workers were more concerned than she. After some prodding from those around her she started timing the contractions. She noticed they were coming at 5 minutes apart and continued in this pattern for 1 1/2 hours. She figured she had better at least call the hospital and see what they had to say. They recommended that she come right in.

Kim went over to Karl and told him that it was time to head for the hospital. Karl was understandably a little flustered but pulled it together and hopped in the car with Kim. There was a couple of wrong turns and they did a few laps around Hotel Circle before finally making it to the hospital. Upon finding Kim 4 cm dilated the staff admitted her quickly. By now Kim was in much harder labor and was feeling every contraction. Kim was wheeled up to the third floor and a C-section was performed.

Mom and baby came through beautifully. Kim had an all too brief moment with baby Kelly before she was taken away for her Enphalacy surgery to repair her liver. A very happy moment for the entire family was when they received the news that baby Kelly's heart was completely healed, there was no sign of any of the impairment that had been spotted on earlier ulstrasounds. This was extremely good news as Kelly would need all her strength to get through the liver surgery and recovery.

The surgery was to repair the liver that had been growing outside her body during her gestation. The hole was very large, it was considered a very delicate operation. The doctors thought it would take a few operations, first stretch the skin, then place the gauze over it, then stretch the skin some more and continue until the liver was placed back in the body and the skin was able to be stitched over. The doctors informed Kim that when they lay the baby on the operating table they were able to place all the pieces together, like a puzzle, everything fit and they stitched her up. The skin stretching and longer procedure will no longer be necessary.

Even the doctors have expressed amazement that the baby has done so miraculously well. Kelly seems to have some pretty strong powers at work for her.



July 13, 1999


July 13, 1999

July 16, 1999

The special lighting of the NICU made for a dark picture.


July 18, 1999

July 18, 1999


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