All store packages below include hosting of your virtual name ( 4 - 30 pop email addresses, secure server, unlimited traffic, and 20 - 100 MB of storage space. Internic will bill you separately for virtual name. Web design is not included in the monthly hosting fee and will be contracted and billed as a separate service.

If you already have a web site and would like to start selling online NOTN can commerce enable items on your site. The same low fees will apply.

Secure web hosting is provided by NOTN for the low monthly price of $55, $150 quarterly, $280 for 6 months, or $480 for the year.

We will install the secure certificate from Thawte or Verisign as a basic part of this service, no additional charges. Thawte or Verisign will bill separately for the cost of their service.

Prices listed below are approximate, they will give you an idea of what your costs will be.

Small Store

Many clients today have 5 or few products they want to sell online. For this client we offer a unique system. You can host on our regular server then use NOTN's secure certificate to complete your transaction. This employs an orderform that is hosted securely. This is our lowest cost plan, 3 page website and the secure hosted form for $100. Additional web pages are extra.

You can take this same store to the next level, automate the payment online for an additional $100 in set up costs. Your monthly cost remains the same. Your merchant account and Visa/Mastercard will have their own charges.

Medium Store

For the client that has 5 to 25 products the next level of E-commerce may be necessary. We can employ the same orderform system as mentioned above, using NOTN's secure certificate and orderform method. Or for more utilitarian features we can use a shopping cart script. When you increase the number of items you are offering for sale, each with unique options, the shopping cart system works well.

The cost of the shopping cart script is $400, with a $100 installation fee. The design charges will vary depending on the amount of custom graphics necessary, a rule of thumb is $100 for every 2 web pages that include text, background, buttons, and some images.

Hosting on our secure server is necessary when you use a shopping cart script.

Large Store

Anything over 25 items results in a large store that has different factors to consider. Things like shipping, gift wrapping, monograms, quantity discounts, and inventory tracking, can all come in to play for the merchant that wants to sell online.

Our shopping cart script charges are the same, $400. Installation charges start at $100 then increase by $10 for every 5 items added to the database.

Design charges will also vary due to the large number of items for sale. The $100 for every 2 web pages rule of thumb applies.

Larger stores call for a quote.

Other commerce features that NOTN has experience installing and working with include, a variety of online authorization services, online merchant account application, and shipping operations.


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